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Open range aqha death

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The first yr Lightning Bar stood as a breeding stallion his stud fee, the quantity charged to breed a mare to him, became $250 (equivalent to $2,500 in 2021) however solely 9 mares have been bred to him.[5][8] The subsequent year, he bred eleven mares, however in 1956, he bred 102 mares at $500 (equivalent to $5,000 in 2021) each.[5][8] One of Pollard’s makes an attempt to promote his stallion in touch letting certainly one among his ranch palms take the horse to an area jackpot roping. Pollard assumed that the hand would simply trip Lightning Bar round and present him off, however he later found out that extra became involved. Pollard stated later that “I must have been suspicious when he (the ranch hand) returned with Lightning Bar that afternoon, with a sheepish grin on his face. I requested him how the horse became acquired and he stated ‘The stud did sensible and I gained the jackpot!’ After congratulating him, I requested which rope horse he had used. He replied, ‘The stud.’ “[11][a]

Pollard stated of Lightning Bar that “I all the time needed to watch out concerning the type of latch I used on a gate with that horse. He might determine them out quicker than I could. He would open a gate, and go for a stroll.”[13] Lightning Bar sired 148 foals in his seven breeding seasons, and 118 of these foals went on to both race or present careers. Of his foals, 108 began races, and seventy seven won, incomes a complete of $476,949.[b] The most profitable of his foals, Lightning Belle, earned $60,134 (equivalent to $532,000 in 2021).[3][5]

Five of Lightning Bar’s foals earned AQHA Championships: Cactus Comet, Crash Bang, Lightning Rey, Pana Bar and Relampago Bar; Lightning Rey earned a Supreme Championship. In addition, Lightning Bar’s offspring earned $1,163.32 in National Cutting Horse Association sanctioned livestock slicing competitions,[3][c] and 4 earned a Superior Halter Horse identify from the AQHA.[14]

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