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Boss was a army officer within the seventeenth to 18th century Joseon. Although his actual rank is unknown, Boss became indubitably a wealthy consumer and even probably a noble based mostly on his clothing, habits, and favourite alcohol that solely prosperous individuals of the time can afford. He died fairly younger at 28 years old.


Boss saving Eugene from monsters

Boss first seems in Chapter 1: Eugene when he saves a terrified Eugene from a horde of monsters. He has an unfriendly and no-nonsense angle proper from the start. He seems to be to dislike talking, proven when he leaves a lot of the job of explaining the Underworld Office guidelines to River. Boss can additionally be initially not keen on the assumption of taking Eugene in as one among his staff and solely does so as a result of he didn’t see another option to payment Eugene for his or her debt.

As the chief of the Underworld Office, Boss is in price of keeping apart the ghosts into groups in missions. Boss assigns Eugene to assorted ghosts for each mission: first Hayden, then River, and lastly himself.

Helping Sean[]

After Eugene falls asleep earlier that night, River greets him. When the teenager asks why Hayden is never their accomplice tonight, River says that the kid has to deal with some issues concerning the case that happened the night time before. She then begins to tase Eugene which causes Boss to smack River on the top together with his fan. He then tells Eugene that they might be pairing up with River and that it can be a significant experience, offered they maintain her out of unneccesary trouble. She then teases Boss asking if he’s saying so as a result of he desires to workforce up together with her for an additional 300 years or so to which he says that he’ll seal her for that lengthy instead.

Boss complimenting Eugene

River then encourages Eugene saying their superior teamwork would assist present the black ghost who’s boss. Before the opposite ghost might say something more, they disappeared out the window. The pair choose to go to Linda after the teenager informed their accomplice concerning the mom and son. Once they meet Sean, he tells them that he’s attempting to get sufficient luck to assist Linda win the lottery. This causes Eugene to assume in the event that they need to persist with Sean’s method or not.

Firing Eugene[]

In Chapter 4: Early Sleep, Eugene comes to a decision to sleep early and cling around with the ghosts rather than spending time within the actual international through the day. The Underworld Office ghosts are stunned at Eugene’s untimely look however assume nothing of it. Boss, however, is infuriated when he reveals out and proceeds to tug Eugene again home, the place he all of a sudden fires them. When Eugene asks why, Boss vaguely solutions that it is each his and Eugene’s fault that it turned out like this and that he hopes to by no means see Eugene again.

Boss’s phrases enormously confuse and, counting on the player’s selection of dialogues, anger Eugene to the purpose of moping. This additionally can gasoline Eugene’s hatred for Boss within the event that they choose to be distrustful of him early in the game.

Eugene’s Return[]

After getting fired, Eugene encounters a vengeful monster named Charlie on the subway and makes an attempt to unravel the problem. However, Charlie can’t be pacified and as an alternative threatens Eugene’s life. If Eugene calls River, Joan will seem and save Eugene. Back within the Underworld Office, anything of the ghosts are fretting over Eugene’s deserted bodily body. Boss then coldly interrogates Eugene, by which it’s implied that Boss fired Eugene as a result of he feared that Eugene could also be utilizing the Underworld Office to flee their actuality rather than dealing with it head on. Regardless of the way Eugene solutions his questions, however, Boss will take them again for one final mission.

Saving the Kids[]

In Chapter 6: That Man, Boss and Eugene break right into a unclean apartment. Eugene discovers that that is the house of the youngsters they typically encounter on the playground and that the kids’ mom has been murdered and crammed in a locked cabinet.

Meanwhile, Jack, the kids’ father, is having monster-induced nightmares within the other bedroom. As Boss prepares to subdue the monster, Eugene barges in and pleads for him to not as they exhibit that the monster is absolutely the kids’ mother, Susan, whom Jack murdered. Unfazed, Boss subdues the monster, mentioning that ghosts can’t meddle with the affairs of mortals regardless of what, to Eugene’s fantastic distress. When Boss provides his hand to leave, Eugene has to make the vital option to both take it or refuse.

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