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“Matt Braun is head and shoulders above all of anything who would try and convey the gunmen of the Old West to life.” ―Terry C. Johnston, writer of the Plainmen series

“Barun tackles the large men, the complicated personalities of these courageous few who have been pivotal figures within the settling of an untamed frontier.” ―Jory Sherman, writer of Grass Kingdom

About the Author

Matt Braun is a fourth-generation Westerner, steeped within the custom and lore of the frontier era. His books mirror a heritage wealthy with the truths of that bygone time. Raised amongst the many Cherokee and Osage tribes, Braun discovered their traditions and culture, and their philosophy turned the inspiration of his personal beliefs. Like his ancestors, he has spent most of his life wandering the mountains and plains of the West. His heritage and his contribution to Western literature led to his appointment via the Governor of Oklahoma as a Territorial Marshal.

Braun is the writer of greater than forty novels and 4 nonfiction works, together with Black Fox, which became made right right into a CBS miniseries, and One Last Town, which became made into a TNT film referred to as You Know My Name. Western Writers of America awarded Braun the distinguished Golden Spur Award for The Kincaids. He can additionally be the recipient of the Cowboy Spirit Award and become inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1999.

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